Aurea McGarry

Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host

Founder of The Limelight Network

Aurea McGarry

Emmy Award Winning TV Show Host

Founder of The Limelight Network

Aurea has been featured on these and many other TV networks with viewers in the millions

Aurea helps her clients to gain Visibility, Credibility and Authority through becoming professional podcasters, TV Hosts and industry leaders!

Let’s get to know one another…

Aurea McGarry is an Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host & Producer.

President of The Limelight Television Network.

TEDx speaker, The VOICE of HOPE Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee and the Founder and host of Get CELEBRITIZED TV/podcast and a long standing contributing host of "Atlanta Live" on WATC TV.

She is passionate about empowering women business owners on how to gain more notoriety in their career by capitalizing their intellectual property so they can attract their ideal customers and become the “Go-To” person in their industry.

She has been an entrepreneur since the age of eleven, currently serving on the Emmy Awards Board of Governors, and as an active Emmy judge. She is passionate about working with women business owners who are ready to step into their light so they can SHINE and make a difference in the world with their genius and the work that they do today.

Aurea has helped thousands of women rise above their circumstances and earn more money by creating additional streams of income through events, workshops, webinars, and social media strategies with celebrity style visibility. From creating and structuring events to filling them, all her programs teach established business owners how to monetize their experiences and expertise teach them her inside secrets on how they too can attract thousands more potential customers who will get to know like and trust them resulting in massive growths in their customer base. One of her mantras is, “YOU didn’t come this far to come this far” so if you feel stuck in the same place or energy inside YOU keeps telling YOU there is a much BIGGER vision and platform for YOU, your life, and business, then listen to yourself and make BIG things happen now!

Work with Aurea opportunities

Aurea is the CEO of The Limelight Network looking for talented new TV show/podcast hosts. Streaming on AppleTV - Roku - Amazon Fire and more.

A professional keynote speaker and event Emcee for hire.

A sought after mentor and business coach for women.

The Limelight Network

Aurea is the CEO and President of The Limelight Television Network shining the limelight on great EDU-TAINMENT from business owners, celebrities and entreprneures worldwide!

Find out how you can create and host your own TV show / Podcast and attract your next ideals clients right to your business.

Send inquiries to: - Subject line - The Limelight Newtork hosting application.

The Voice of Hope Keynote Speaker

Inquire how to hire Aurea for your next event. If you want high-fives and happy attendees who get results, then choose Aurea McGarry for your next event.

A few of her HOTTEST TOPICS are:
✓ Your Age is Not a Number – It’s Your Score!

✓ Your Tombstone Will Say - "She Did It Her Way."

✓ Find Your Voice and Leave an Impact

If your ship doesn't come in, take a taxi!

~ Aurea McGarry

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Aurea works on many events throughout the year. Join her wait list for future events and earlybird specials!

Client Testimonials

"Aurea is AMAZING and 100% heart centered!  You will love working with her!"

Jairek Robbins

Life Coach and Keynote Speaker

"Aurea McGarry is a phenomenal keynote speaker who consistently delivers on the Propel Your Business & Life stages, our summits, and our podcasts.

Her invaluable insights, vast experience, and infectious joy captivate every audience.

Aurea provides practical ideas that empower women of all ages to transform their dreams into reality, inspiring action without excuses. Her unique ability to motivate and energize is unmatched.

If you have the chance to book Aurea for your event, don't hesitate—you and your attendees will be thrilled and left wanting more!"

Megan Dimartino

Founder & Host of Propel Your Business and Life Show and event series

"Aurea McGarry continues to be a powerhouse keynote speaker at the Royal Influencer Organization events, captivating our audiences since our very first gathering.

Aurea's deep expertise in entrepreneurship and her unique ability to turn dreams into reality for women over 40 are nothing short of transformative. Her unwavering belief that "nothing is too hard for God" infuses every talk with inspiration and profound insight.

With her dynamic presence and infectious enthusiasm, Aurea consistently lights up our stages, making each and every event memorable.

If you're looking to elevate your event's impact, boost ticket sales, and ensure glowing attendee reviews, I cannot recommend Aurea McGarry highly enough.

She doesn't just speak—she delivers magic!"

Ramona Rogers Smith

Founder - Royal Empowerment Group

"Aurea is simply mesmerizing in front of an audience! Her presence as the interviewer for Krista Potts of Elf on the Shelf at the Atlanta Entrepreneur Socials launch event was truly magical.

When she took the stage as the keynote speaker she effortlessly elevated the atmosphere and captivated everyone present.

Aurea's ability to guide and engage the audience is unparalleled, making every event she's a part of an unforgettable experience. "

Lisa Michaels

Executive Event Host of

Atlanta Entrepreneur Socials

"Aurea's approach to leadership and mentorship is rooted in a heartfelt desire to uplift those around her. Her commitment to our growth and success is evident in every interaction, every piece of advice, and every opportunity she creates.

Working with Aurea on the Limelight Network has not only allowed me to share my passion for life coaching and personal development with a broader audience but has also opened doors to incredible opportunities and connections that I had only dreamed of.

Thanks to Aurea's guidance and the visibility afforded by the Limelight Network, I've had the honor of meeting and collaborating with prominent figures around the world."

Dr. Sheila R. Smith

Founder & Host of

Lifestyle Mastery

"Working with Aurea McGarry on The Limelight Network has been an amazing experience. She's hands on with you throughout your journey from getting started to postproduction.

Aurea is dedicated to her show hosts, their experience, and successes. She navigates you through the industry requirements and standards, hiccups and hangups as well as "writers block" when it happens.

She is always willing to step in, step up and help out. " 

Tina K Davis

Friends Of The Wild Host

The Art Of Attention for Women Entrepreneurs &