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It can be overwhelming!

So, I have created a way that has worked for me and my clients and now I want to share it with YOU so that you can find huge successes as an entrepreneur and as an influencer.

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Cindy stepped up her game online with videos & vacation photographs that sell!

Taking Aurea’s Profit From Being You Class is one of the best things I have done for my business! Aurea poured her heart into each one of us. She showed us proven ways to use the gifts and talents God has given us to grow both personally and professionally. Among other things, Aurea taught me to be brave and step outside my comfort zone, and Profit From Being Me! Thank you, Aurea! ~

Cindy Stuart ~ Travel Agent Extraordinaire of “Your Travel Escape”

Maria launched her dream cooking show!

Thank you, Aurea, for your Profit from Being YOU program! Your ability to pull out of us the “gold” which we may not even be aware of, is so powerful!! The program has improved my life and my business tremendously! I can’t recommend this program enough and my “Secrets from Maria’s Russian Kitchen” Youtube cooking show is about to air thanks to YOU! I could not have done all this without you. ~

~ Maria Haxton ~ Business Owner & Culinary Queen of “Secrets from Maria’s Russian Kitchen”

The How to Profit from Being YOU Course is
GUARANTEED to teach you:

The most savvy ways to MARKET and MONETIZE your expertise! 
Discover simple ways to use strategic storytelling and social media to create an endless stream of prospects who buy from you over and over.

How to craft your YOU-nique Celebrity Brand!
Discover my methods for utilizing community to launch, grow and strengthen your brand while keeping your tribe anxiously awaiting your next offering.

My exclusive method for always being “Red Carpet Ready”
Learn how to accept opportunities to share your message (even at a moment’s notice) because you’re prepared and equipped with everything you need to show up in the most powerful way!

Attract and convert 90% of your ideal clients by CELEBRITIZING your expertise and assuring that YOU are top-of-mind in your niche!

Ways to use FREE and paid EVENTS to get thousands of new followers NOW!
Discover simple ways to use strategic storytelling and social media to create an endless stream of prospects who buy from you over and over.

And so much more…
Most importantly, structure, and real-time coaching as you prepare to ignite a revolution in your business and Profit from Being YOU!

If YOU are a coach, trainer, author, solo-preneur, small business owner or anyone selling a product or service, then you have probably been out there giving your heart and soul, doing one-on-ones, attending endless networking events and Zoom calls, collecting business cards and at the end of the day, you still haven’t increased your bottom line. If that sounds like you, then I have some good news for you.

Hi, I’m Aurea McGarry, Emmy Award-winning TV show host/producer AKA “The Celebritizer”

I’m passionate about empowering women business owners on how to gain more visibility and notoriety in their career by capitalizing their intellectual property on the air, online, in the media, in print, and in exceptional video content so they can attract their ideal customers who seek them out daily while becoming the “Go-To” person in their industry.

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of eleven, currently serving on the Emmy Board of Governors, and as an active judge for TV, I’m passionate about working with business owners who are ready to step onto the world’s stages with their businesses.

I’ve helped hundreds of women rise above their circumstances and earn more money by creating additional streams of income through videos, events, workshops, social media strategies with TOP NOTCH celebrity style and visibility.

Well here I’m in my 50’s now, I have run several companies, producing a variety of online shows for myself and my clients, but something was still missing. Although my trainings, summits and coaching programs had become a hit, I found myself back in the rat race again of spending loads of time doing the business of my business without a way for me to make money while I sleep or if I should become unable to work actively as hard as I do now. The final straw came in March 2020 when I decided enough was enough. 

My “Aha” Moment

As the world went into a global crisis, I went into quarantine and began repurposing my business model and products. I spent countless hours taking my playbook of all my ideas, workshop topics and services and began to look at them with a whole new set of eyes.

I then created systems that would allow me to turn them into online products that YOU needed most and that would ultimately provide me with the passive income I have come to know and love.

Finally, I invested loads of money into the right mentors who could show me how to achieve the quickest and easiest way to get my name positioned all over the web so that I could share my products with the world. After months of planning, learning and coaching with my mega successful coaches, I am happy to say that I have successfully made the adjustments and the return on investment has been HUGE!
So I am now able to help YOU increase your income and your influence BIGGER & BETTER THAN EVER!

This is great news for YOU, because those adjustments that make the difference between 40% and 200% to my bottom-line are small, easy to implement and can make a difference in your bottom-line right away!

And the best news is…

YOU won’t need to invest all the time or money that I did to figure this all out. In addition, these changes will position YOU for many years to come as an “Expert” in your field while giving you the satisfaction of earning what you are worth!
YOU too can discover my secret strategies to your own long-term passive revenue streams, all while being the amazing genius in your industry that YOU already are!

Melissa’s Transformations!

I just finished Profit From Being YOU coaching and WOW! Aurea and her CELEBRITIZE Your Business masterclass could not have come at a more perfect time. As soon as I was done watching I signed up for her next step the Profit from Being YOU course. and before graduation night (and doing what she said along the way), I launched a successful online event that had hundreds of international women in attendance, I launched a podcast with an unending list of guests and global listeners, I launched my TV show only 3 weeks after the course completed, I signed on two lucrative long-term clients of my own and I’m now “On-Track” to hit my first six-figure plus year as an entrepreneur!

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’re a long-time pro, YOU really can’t afford to miss this program and LEVEL UP even higher.

Melissa Mansfield-Anderson ~ The Lipstick CEO

The most important asset YOU have in business is YOU!
By establishing your unique personal brand, you completely eliminate all of the potential competition while positioning yourself as the “go-to” person!

For years I spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning about all the ways that would allow business women like YOU to:


Earn 6 & 7 figures in their career of expertise without spending countless hours outside of their home


Spread YOUR business brand and YOUR name all over the world


Create and market online and offline events that are PROFITABLE & SELL OUT!


Use VIDEO CONTENT & social media strategies that work to earn YOU thousands of dollars per month!


Build an engaged community of fans, followers, ideal prospects, and customers who EAGERLY buy from YOU over and over again and refer YOU to their friends

Now, I’ve got it! I’ve got this all down to a complete set of strategies that works!

Finally, YOU too can learn my time-tested and proven system that I have used for many years to achieve my success!

It wasn’t until I stepped outside MY company and positioned MYSELF as the brand that the magic began to happen!

So why am I sharing my secrets now?

I have studied the trends of my students and clients for the past several years and I see the same common pitfalls in most of their business models. They are so busy selling people on the product or service that their company provides, that they fail to sell the most important product which is themselves!

Sounds pretty simple right? WRONG! If it was so simple, most would already be doing it. Get ready to profit more than you ever have before by investing in your most valuable asset,


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A full-year membership to the private elite CYB MASTERY weekly group Zoom sessions and support with Aurea McGarry personally opening up her strategy, media, marketing, and branding Playbook just for YOU, live! Engage, connect, grow and get your most important questions and challenges answered every week in this powerful room of superstars to help you GET RESULTS NOW! You will get help to get through any obstacles that may come your way during the course of the year!

Profit From Being YOU Strategically Customized Weekly Assignments.

$950 Value

Each assignment is designed to keep you on track for growth while enabling you to reach your own personal goals as you expand your impact. My clients RAVE about these every week and how thought-provoking they are and help them gain clarity and results!

Profit from Being YOU Proven Action Plans, Worksheets, and Checklists.

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Get your hands on the show-stopping “cheat sheets” and “checklists” that will provide you with the necessary shortcuts and reminders for activation and implementation.

Profit From Being YOU Video Course Curriculum – Work at your own pace.

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10 video lessons you will have full access to the minute you sign up that you can go through and watch at your own pace.


Private Facebook Community where YOU can network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and get support & ideas.

$800 + Value

YOU will get out of it what you pour into it.


Look what happened to Sonya

Aurea, I wanted to let you know how awesome all your video recordings and homework for our group lessons were. I found all of the weekly assignments to be very engaging and thought-provoking! I would have never dug that deep into my “why” and what actual steps to take in my business and personal life to get bigger results! Thank you soooo much for all your guidance, inspiration, and education.

Sonya Wells ~ Wells Agency/Farmers Insurance

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Emmy Award-Winning Coach, Speaker, and Author

Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host, Producer, Director, Serving on the S.E Emmy Award Board of Governors and as an active Emmy Judge.

Contributing Lead TV show Host for Atlanta Live on WATC TV.

On air talent for the Real Talk segments of Atlanta & Company on WXIA NBC.

Professional Business Coach & Speaker, Event Emcee, and Charity Auctioneer.

Founder of the popular Live Your Legacy Summit Event Series Since 2011.

Founder of A.M.P – Aurea McGarry Productions.


What if I miss a week of group training?

No problem! All live sessions are recorded and you can receive support from Aurea in the Facebook group.

Can I do this program at my own pace?

Most certainly! This program is designed to help every member where they are in their business and they get their specific questions answered every time they join the live training sessions.

YOU get to tap into my lifetime of experience in any genre of business and life IE: Sales, objections, sponsorships, on-air hosting, being a great show guest, video production, new ideas on your genius topics, and how to market them for the best ROI, IGTV, Reels, CLUBHOUSE for business and anything else you want to ask me. THIS TIME TOGETHER IS LIKE HAVING ME AS YOUR PRIVATE COACH.
But I can not do this forever, so get in NOW while I am opening up myself, my time, and my playbook to YOU.

Do you offer refunds if I decide not to stay in the program?

No. All benefits begin as soon as you enroll in the program. Embarking on this journey requires dedication and fortitude to see this process through.

What if I have additional questions prior to or leading up to the start of the program?

Please send an email to support at, so we can answer them.