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“I’m opening up my playbook from 25 years in direct sales, but what I will reveal will help anyone who needs more sales and needs to develop a WINNING team in any industry.”

Learn her most private secrets on how she went from NOTHING to a full time income, 8 free cars, diamonds, prizes, substantial CASH BONUSES in direct sales and rising to the TOP 1%.

Aurea McGarry has worked in Mary Kay, Trump Network and Visalus as a top performer and leader, earning personal training time with all of these founders for her outstanding national sales and recruiting achievements along.

She also led a very large sales team in Origami Owl honoring the founder, Bella Weems in person, as her Live Your Legacy Summit Award Honoree in 2013.

Aurea was sought after and hired to be the Queen Monarch National Sales Director for the Butterflyze direct selling jewelry company, to lead and train the entire national sales force.

The direct selling company, Christian Bling, also hired her to be on their corporate staff as their National Director of Leadership Development.
You can read all about Aurea on the Meet Aurea page.

Here’s a “Sneak Peak” inside some of her most popular training topics:

Learn her POWERFUL 3’s.
3 Questions you MUST ask before booking any vendor show if you want high $$ and new team member sign ups, every time!.
3 Common mistakes you MUST avoid in order to have great selling and team building RESULTS at every vendor show.
3 Ways to “Break Through” any obstacle that gets in your way to excel passed your competitors!
3 Ways to overcome sales and recruiting objections before you get them. Making objections a thing of the past!
3 Secrets to getting more excited buyers at all your parties with LESS party cancellations!

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You can learn this and more either one on one or in a group setting. Conference calls, webinars or in person live workshops, just to name a few ways you can engage with all the expertise Aurea has to offer people in this industry.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • From scratch to cash. How to turn your direct selling business into a profit making career, full or part time.
  • How to elevate your business with strategies that work.
  • How to retain your downline knowing that 85% of direct sellers are actively looking for another company to work for. Know the secrets to keeping them on YOUR team.
  • How to find and understanding your buyers for ultimate success.
  • Increasing your bottom line and make money every week.
  • Retention leads to less turn over. Industry secrets to keeping a great team and returning customers.
  • Personality Profiling for better customer relations and increased profitability.
  • Personality Profiling: How learning this can increase you and your teams sales and recruiting efforts resulting in EXPLODING your business.
  • Professional time Management: The one thing you can never get more of but you and your team can make the most of for better results. Amazing strategies that work! Plus a productivity sheet that will rock your world and leave you more time for
  • your family with more money to spend on them. Interested?
  • Overcoming Objections & Increase your profits: Overcome them before you and your downlines ever get them. Strategies that are tried and true to WORK!!
  • People Management: How to empower & equip everyone on your team to perform at their best level of excellence. The most powerful session for all team managers and high ranking team leaders.
  • Focus and Discipline: Nothing happens without it but most consultants have a difficult time maintaining it. Strategies to help them have it for exponential business growth in your team.
  • Successful Networking to build a strong healthy downline wide and deep:Learn what NEVER to do when networking plus ways to become the “go to person” in your community for what YOU have to sell!
  • Do it or Delegate it: Learn the difference in what you must do verses what you must never do in order to increase your business 100%
  • IPA’s = Income Producing Activities. Learn what income producing actives are and whether you should be doing 5, 10 or 15 of them every single week to achieve your personal financial and recruiting goals.
  • The Art of multi Tasking (the right way.) Take this skill to a completely new level.
  • Recruiting with Confidence – Who to recruit, when and how. Learn the most common mistakes done in direct selling industry. Learn how to overcoming the most difficult recruiting objections.
  • Motivation VS Determination – Same or different. Find out the secret.
  • Why today is the day for you to run to the top!
  • Successful Networking: How to let your potential customers know who you are and why they need what you’re selling.
  • The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Gang: People can’t follow a parked car. Areyou leading the way? Where are you leading them to?
  • Best ways to work with your up line and become a great upline leader: How and when to reach UP!!
  • Team Management skills: Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like a business.
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Miss Go Give Award at Mary Kay Seminar
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